Q: Can I upgrade my server:

Yes, you have 2 ways of upgrading your server.

1) You can switch to a higher plan from the ones found on our website.
To do so, please open a ticket on our helpdesk since we need to verify we have enough resources available. Once a tech has verified your server can be upgraded, they will guide you through the process.

2) You can upgrade individual resources such as CPU, DISK or Memory as you see fit.
The pricing for individual upgrades is as follows:

  • RAM - $1/mo per 1GB of ram for regular VPS and Hybrid servers
  • CPU - $1/mo per 1CPU core for regular VPS
  • CPU - $10/mo per 1CPU cores for Hybrid servers
  • Disk - $1.5/mo per 10GB of disk space

NOTE: Since we use full virtualization (KVM) for all our servers, when adding disk space, your current partition(s) size will remain the same. The additional disk space will be either added as free space to your existing drive, or as a secondary drive, depending on how you want it. If you wish to have your current partition expanded to accommodate for the additional space, our techs can do this for free, however we will require you to make full backup of your files before giving us the go ahead, since any operation that has to do with changing partition size and geometry has the potential of permanent data loss.


Q: Can I downgrade my server:

You can only downgrade CPU and RAM, if they have already been upgraded. Disk size can not be downgraded without permanent data loss.

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